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A Game Changer in Solar Powered Grow LIghts

March 26, 2023 Tim Woods Season 1 Episode 3
The Manufacturing Experts
A Game Changer in Solar Powered Grow LIghts
Show Notes

Solar Powered Grow Lights – How manufacturers join to create an indoor grow light innovation.

Commercial indoor growing has significantly increased in the past few years, the Challenge to growers is finding suitable grow lighting that offers intensity and broad-spectrum light to enable strong a productive growth for their plants. On the other hand, the lighting needs to be affordable both in the initial cost of the lights and fixtures as well as  the energy costs for operations. 

The challenges get bigger as traditional HPS (high pressure sodium) lights are being phased out or banned due to high energy costs. LED and Solar Power offer great potential but until now no single company has been able to connect the two technologies into one simple solution. 

This is our manufacturing innovation episode. One company Grow Solar band from Biz-Reps has jointly created just such a solution by using two manufacturing companies to create a line of 100% solar powered grow lights for a variety of plants. We spoke with Tim Woods, of Grow Solar and Biz-Reps to discuss just how this solution will change the indoor growing business and how the technology works.

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